Valentine’s Day Dinner Package | Say Love with Food

Do you ever struggle with buying gifts for your sweetheart?  This Valentine’s Day, Vibrant Occasions Catering will help you say love with food through our beautifully curated Dinner Package.  We have chosen our culinary favorites for executing the perfect dinner date.  A well-rounded selection of menu items have been developed with quality standards and gourmet ingredients to ensure a fine dining experience no matter what your taste buds desire.

Ordering is easy and planning ahead is encouraged.  Simply review our menu of options.  Then select two appetizers to enjoy with cocktails (or mocktails), one main course, two side dishes, one dessert and we will include our crisp garden salad and fresh baked dinner rolls per dinner package.  One dinner package per person is only $45.00 and we will have it ready to pick up from our Benton, Arkansas location hot and ready-to-serve.

Whether you are in the mood for a juicy steak or a buttery salmon, Vibrant Occasions will make sure that this Valentine’s Day you won’t have to worry if your significant other will like what you got them.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day Dinner Package with a private romantic dinner at home, on a blanket in the park or the rooftop of a downtown hot spot.  Wherever you dine, we will take care of the food.

Ready to impress your Valentine?  Call us today at (501) 408 – 2111 or send us an email to with your selections and our chefs will give you the best Valentine’s Day experience yet.

Christmas Party Catering

Christmas Party Catering

Christmas is nearing and as the holiday season arrives, so does the age-old question – to cook or to cater? In some cases, it’s obviously more economical to cook for your holiday gathering yourself – but we think you’d be surprised by how economical catering your Christmas party can be in the long run. You could save time, effort, and money by investing in catering for your holiday fête – now that’s really something to celebrate!

Catering Saves Time and Effort

If time is money, catering should always be your first choice for a holiday soirée. Catering means you spend much less time in the kitchen and more time charming your guests and enjoying the party you worked so hard to pull together! A good catering company will provide the food as well as a package that includes cutlery (disposable or silver), serviettes, heat lamps if needed, and much more. Some caterers will also be happy to rent you stools, table settings, dishes, chairs – anything you need to make the food involved a success!

However, the economy of catering relies on scale. The larger your gathering, the lower the cost per person will be. So if you’re having a get together of fewer than ten people, we may suggest catering the food for convenience, but it would likely be cheaper to pull it together on your own. 

Lower Your Food Wastage

Another cost involved in hosting a large Christmas party is food waste. Do you know how many eggs you need to buy to make deviled eggs for 40 people? Or how many gallons of juice you should grab for the punch for a two-hour party versus an all-night affair? It’s always better to have too much than too little when you’re hosting, so many people end up drastically miscalculating and overspending by at least a hundred dollars. And that’s food that’s likely going to go to waste after the party – you can’t eat eight pounds of shrimp cocktail on your own after all!

Because we’ve been catering parties of all sizes for years, we know exactly how much chicken to buy and how many extra napkins you’ll need. We’re precision experts. And because we buy in bulk from our local sources, we’re able to get deals that the average person just can’t beat at the grocery store. 

Questions To Ask Your Caterer Before Your Big Party

What’s included in the final price?

When you compare prices for catering your Christmas party, make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. One catering company may seem to be a steal, but end up costing you more in the long run with add-ons and hidden fees. Make sure to ask about things that are commonly not included in the quoted price, like:

  • Additional fees like taxes and tips
  • Bar costs – these will be separate from the food and from non-alcoholic beverage service
  • Equipment – if you need chairs, tables, serving platters, etc. make sure to mention them upfront and make sure they’re included in the final quote
  • Set up and clean up – avoid sticker shock by ensuring that these are included in the quote and not charged by the hour to be billed after the fact

Most companies do include these prices in their quotes, but it’s always better to ask up front than get an unpleasant surprise.

Can you accommodate my dietary needs?

It’s very common these days to have guests who are paleo, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, halal, or who have a food allergy. You should also consider whether your menu is appropriate for younger children and other picky eaters. Even if the caterer came recommended for their ability to handle special requests, you’ll want to be as clear as possible about your preferences and needs so the chef can work around them and help you build an inclusive menu. 

If you have any other questions about catering your Christmas party or another holiday event, contact Vibrant Occasions – Arkansas’ most delicious caterers! We’d be happy to help you develop the perfect Christmas menu for your celebration this holiday season.

Why You Should Hire a Caterer for Your Halloween Party

Why You Should Hire a Caterer for Your Halloween Party

The least scary part of your spooky spectacular should be the spread! Between decorating the house, finding or making the most ghoulishly glamorous costumes, and crafting the perfect guest list, you’ve got enough on your plate. Whether you’re planning a small get-together on your back deck or a neighborhood stop-by in the front yard, find a catering partner that takes the horror out of feeding your family and guests.

Creative Treats Without the Tricks

Is your Spooky Season Pinterest board full of cute cupcakes and extraordinary hors d’oeuvres but you’ve got no idea how to make them? Don’t spend hours learning how to make new dishes and fill your fridge with practice runs – trust the pros that do this every day. Our experts can help you make those dreams a reality – without the nightmarish first runs. 

Need ideas to make your Halloween plates look cute or theme your party from snacks to decorations? We can help there, too! A professional caterer has done it all – we can make creepy crawlies and zombie scenes leap to life on a cake or cookie, put a spooky touch on savory favorites, and create the perfect palette to delight your party guests. 

Don’t Spook Your Guests with Allergies or Restrictions

Maybe you’ve got the RSVP game down to a science and know exactly who’s showing up with what allergies and/or dietary restrictions. Maybe you’re a food expert who has designed the perfect menu to avoid any allergies or dietary restrictions. Don’t worry if you don’t or you’re not – we’ve got you covered! As professional caterers, we’ve handled: 

  • Food Allergies, From Minor to Major
  • Gluten and Dairy Intolerance
  • Religious Dietary Restrictions
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Something for Everyone 

Without making each guest’s individual plate for them, it’s impossible to cover all of your bases. With a professional caterer, however, you can make sure that everyone has something to eat at your party. We prepare menus that encompass major allergies, dietary restrictions, intolerances, and other food choices and create labels to let your guests know what foods are perfect for them.

Skip the Kitchen Nightmares

The oven dings. Your second attempt at pumpkin shortbread is ready, but it needs to cool before you ice it. Pots, pans, baking sheets, and utensils are strewn about the kitchen, there’s somehow caramel on the ceiling, none of the cookie trays have been arranged, and your guests arrive in thirty minutes. Do you skip the cute couples costume you and your partner picked out months ago in favor of a time-saving look with eyeliner whiskers and cat ears?! 

Worry not, dear reader. This doesn’t have to be your reality – not any more! A professional caterer will drop off the perfectly-prepared dishes you picked out and even help you arrange them on plates and trays, prep the punch bowls, and layout plates and utensils. You don’t have to worry about: 

  • Special Kitchen Equipment: We’ve got everything you need to produce anything you can dream of – without the double ovens or the time-consuming work.
  • Serving Dishes and Warming Trays: You can put our delicious food on your own serving platters or use our professional catering equipment to make sure your Halloween spread looks its best and is enjoyed hot and fresh!
  • Plates or Utensils: Professional caterers can provide high-quality disposable plates and utensils or rent the plates and silverware you need to serve any size party.
  • Dreaded Dishwashing: Skip the pile of pots, pans, baking sheets, and other kitchenware so you can party into the night without worrying about dishes in the morning. Bonus: Skip the incessant counter-wiping that comes with preparing your Halloween feast!

Party with the Pros

When it comes to entertaining your guests – and delighting them with delicious food options – party with the pros by contacting us today! As the holiday season kicks off, you need a catering partner you can trust. Call for a catering consultation with our team at Vibrant Occasions!

“Sweet Caroline…”

“Sweet Caroline…”

Hands… Not Touching Hands..
Reaching out… Not touching me, not touching you!

“Sweet Caroline” sure is a popular song to play on a dance floor, maybe with just a few updated lyrics for the times!

We were allowed to start catering events under guidance from the Arkansas Health Department in Early June. We’re here to update you on what we’ve been up to since we’ve been back at events!

We’re seeing lots of extra sanitizing stations throughout venues
Couples are even providing custom sanitizer bottles for guests!

It’s fun and useful!

Social distancing won’t interfere with guests having a great time! There are still plenty of opportunities to enjoy the reception while keeping distance from those outside of your family group.

Masks are required per the state for guests, some couples are offering custom masks at the entrance!
We are asking that guests wear their masks while going through the buffet lines and ordering at the bars and drink stations.
We are doing our best to protect you and your families, we ask that you help do the same for us!



Since Self-Service Buffets are not allowed at this time, our staff gets to plate the food for you! A few great options include our Staff-served buffets, Action Stations, and Plated Service! We are serving behind Plexi-glass barriers as extra protection for your family and friends!



Your vendors should be able to be open and honest with you about the measures they are taking to follow all current guidelines from the state and federal officials.


We are always here to answer any questions you may have about what we are doing behind the scenes!

“We got more compliments on the food quality and service! With Covid-19 restrictions in place, the Vibrant Occasions staffed handled everything so well! All the food was kept warm and our guests were fed delicious food! Staff quickly cleared used plates and utensils and were ready to serve anyone who wanted more! Thank you all for such a great job!”

Mother of the Bride

All the Pasta-bilities!

All the Pasta-bilities!

We are working tirelessly to make sure we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of our couples, families and our staff as we work to re-open events during Phase 1. We worked with a team of amazing vendors in our state (too many to count!) to help create guidelines and safety measures for large events. The amount of creativity we see in our fellow vendors is inspiring!


We have all the Pasta-bilities to create your dream wedding and we are here to help!

Creativity Can Create Dream Weddings with so many Pasta-bilities!

Here’s some things to think about while planning your event!

Governor’s Guidelines

Reach out to your vendors and ask them how they are complying with the directives issued for Phase 1. 

Who is Responsible for What?

Your vendors will be responsible for some aspects of the guidelines. There are some details you will need to be responsible for as the host of the event. Ask questions. Know that we are all doing the best we can to give you the most current information.

Will There Be Changes to Catering?

The short answer, Yes! 

Our new guidelines are limiting our service options for events during Phase 1. Self-service buffets are currently not approved. Reach out to your caterer as soon as possible to discuss food service options!

What is Vibrant Occasions Catering Doing?

In addition to the guidelines from the Governor, Vibrant Occasions has created our own Standard Operating Procedures to work from during this time. These are above and beyond what is being asked of caterers, but we want to ensure the safety of our guests as well as our staff. 

We are looking at each event individually to go over every detail to make sure you know we are keeping your safety as a top priority.

      • We already wear gloves during our food service, but you will see our staff wearing masks as well. 
      • As much as we have grown to know and love our couples and other vendors we work with, we will also maintain proper social distancing during events. We will not be shaking hands, hugging or participating in any unnecessary physical contact.
      • We are also installing plexiglass shields for our staff-served buffets to limit contact with food.
Love Is In The Air, Too!

Love Is In The Air, Too!

Love is in the air, too!

We know couples are tasked with making difficult decisions right now about their wedding days. Those choosing to keep their original dates have some unique options to ensure their wedding day is memorable! We have worked with some couples to create some fun and delicious options to help you maintain your Social Distance while you celebrate with your closest family and friends. 

Couples are getting creative, we can help!


Individual Chef’s Boards

We can create smaller versions of our beautiful Chef’s Boards to serve with your champagne and cake. Your guests can nibble with limited contact with each other or utensils.

Plated Meals

Elevate your meal with Chef-Plated and served dinners. This is a great no contact option for your guests. There’s no concern with sharing utensils.

Action Stations and Chef-Served Buffets

Minimize contact with utensils with our Action Stations or a Staff-Served buffet. 

Individually Packaged Bites

We can package some delicious bites in an easy to grab and go container. 

Do you have questions about planning your wedding during Covid-19? Let us know!

13 + 13 =

We’re Here

We’re Here

We’re Here!

An update from the Vibrant Occasions Catering Team

We are answering emails and receiving calls daily about postponing weddings and events. These are not easy decisions for couples and companies to make, so we are here to assist you in the process of adjusting your date.

We are communicating with other vendors on a daily basis. We are making sure that the process of postponing and answering other event related questions is as seamless as possible.

We’re staying up to date with all of the local and federal guidelines to ensure the safety of our staff as well as our community! If you have any questions about the measures we are taking, we’d love to hear from you! 

For those couples that are just starting their planning process, we are here for you! We have options for virtual meetings and we’d love to “meet” you. It’s not too soon to start planning for 2021 and beyond, and we’re really excited to see what dreams you have for your day!

Chef Serge loves being creative with food, so we’re taking this time to try new recipes and see what we love! Who knows… we may be sharing some of the new items with you very soon! Do you have a suggestion for us?

We are giving back to our community. We are proud to be a small, locally owned business and we are doing our best to pay it forward every chance we get. We are thankful to be in a position to help in our own way.

Reach Us


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San Fransisco, CA


+00 125 456 8754


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A Complete Checklist for Holiday Parties from a Holiday Catering Company

A Complete Checklist for Holiday Parties from a Holiday Catering Company

A Complete Checklist for Holiday Parties from a Holiday Catering Company

Ready for your holiday party? As a Holiday catering company, we’ve served a few Holiday events. Enjoy the season with your guests and let us take care of all your foodservice needs. 


Whether you are hosting a few friends at your apartment or putting on a gala for an entire corporation, the basics of planning are the same. Here is a handy checklist for planning a holiday party. 


1. Create a guest list. 

The people attending your party are really the reason you are throwing the party in the first place. Christmas and Thanksgiving are a great time to show people you care. 


Even for a small holiday party, be specific about whether your guests can bring a plus one. The age range of your guest list will also matter when you consider the venue. 


2. Begin drafting your invites. 

The invite should have all the info party-goers will need to participate in festivities. 

You may need to wait on a few details of your party to work out before sending your invitations. Start thinking of what you want them to look like while you wait. 


The invitation sets the mood for the party. Make sure they are on-theme with what your guests will experience when they show up. For example, make sure to indicate the kind of dress-code guests should plan for. They should also have an idea of who they’ll be seeing at the event. 


Invites are best sent a few weeks before the party starts. Email invitations are great for informal events. However, there isn’t anything quite like a personal invite. We recommend putting some thought into your invites before you send them. 


3. Order or plan for food (consider a holiday catering company). 

Aside from friendship, family, and spending time with those who love us, Holiday events are defined by the food being served. Food determines how formal or informal the party is. It significantly contributes to the atmosphere. — make sure it matches your theme. Or better yet, use it to enhance your theme. 


Using a holiday catering company? Vibrant Occasions caters to family and corporate holiday parties. We’ve seen a few parties and would love to help you with some of the other details around your event. – Even if you hire someone else, your cater will likely be a good source of party-planning information. 


4. Decide on drink and drinking policies. 

Serving cocktails and specialty drinks is always fun at Holiday events. There are some drinks we only enjoy around the holiday season. Enjoy them while you can! 


It is always best to determine an alcohol policy. Depending on the size of your event, you may need to take some extra measures to make sure everyone has a safe, fun time. For large companies, Holiday parties are about letting go and relaxing. It is not uncommon for alcohol to be served at holiday corporate events. However, there are laws and policies that keep companies accountable for the safety of their guests if they are the ones providing the alcohol.


5. Put together a party favor for your guests when they leave. 

The gift does not have to be extravagant. Think of something for them to remember the party. The key is to choose something that resonates with your guests and the theme of your party. 


6. Think ahead. — what just came to mind? 

Your party has so many details and special “icing on the cake” touches to add. Don’t let details get lost. If you think of something, write it down. Make lists and follow up when it’s finally time to party. If you have concerns, address them while you still have enough time to make adjustments. 


Mistakes happen. Don’t be discouraged if something goes wrong. The heart of your party is with the people that are there to celebrate together. Relax and enjoy it!