Vibrant Occasions recently attended the highly-anticipated Make It Better Everyday (MIBE) conference in Denver, Colorado, called The MIBE Summit where we participated in a transformative event dedicated to heart leadership and continuous improvement. It brings together hospitality industry professionals and thought leaders to explore the principles of heart leadership and continuous improvement.


The MIBE Philosophy: Make It Better Every Day

The MIBE conference serves as a powerful vehicle for like-hearted teams to incrementally enhance their business, ultimately achieving results that surpass their prior expectations. Embracing the philosophy of “MIBE-ing,” individuals and organizations strive to create a MIBE vibe by fostering a culture of ongoing improvement and involvement of the entire team. At its core, The MIBE conference is dedicated to inspiring leaders in the hospitality industry with the transformative concepts of heart leadership, fostering joy and fulfillment both in their work and personal lives.

Inspiring Hospitality Leaders with Heart Leadership

Stemming from the journey of April and Anthony, owners of Footers Catering, The MIBE conference offers insights and practical strategies gleaned from their commitment to heart leadership and creating an exceptional workplace. Through workshops, team panels, and real-world examples, The MIBE Summit seeks to empower others to embark on their own journey towards fostering a positive, thriving organizational culture.

Recognizing Heart Leaders at The Mibe Conference

During the conference, Katelyn Reisma, Catering Manager from Vibrant Occasions was named a finalist for The Mibe’s Heart Leader on the Rise, joining an acclaimed cohort of industry professionals who exemplify the spirit of heart leadership. Other finalists for Heart Leader on the Rise included Allison Moening, Executive Pastry Chef at Copper Kitchen, Jared Barnachea, Office Administrator at Catered Too!, Michelle Stout, Recreation Manager at Apex Park & Recreation District and Xavier Vasquez, Catering & Production Manager at NV Catering with Allison Moening named Heart Leader on the Rise 2023.


Chick-fil-A’s Servant Leadership Culture Highlighted 

A notable highlight at the conference was the example of Chick-fil-A’s commitment to fostering a servant leadership culture. Mark Miller, VP of High-Performance Leadership of Chick-Fil-A, was a featured speaker at this year’s conference serving up a compelling discourse on the topic. The company’s extensive investment in studying and championing heart leadership, coupled with their unique business model focusing on selecting and nurturing the right leaders, has set a remarkable precedent. Chick-fil-A’s approach to promoting a positive company culture and investing heavily in selecting the right people and continuous training of their team members has been nothing short of inspiring.

Implementing Heart Leadership at Vibrant Occasions

Drawing from insights shared at the MIBE Summit over the last few years, Vibrant Occasions embarked on a concerted effort to attract top talent, prioritize comprehensive training, and foster an employee-centric, happy workplace. By redefining our core values, mission, and vision statements, and implementing regular culture club luncheons, team-building events, and tailored leadership initiatives, we have cultivated a workplace where team members feel valued, motivated, and empowered. As a testament to our dedication, Vibrant Occasions’ investments in heart leadership have yielded tangible results, including maintaining a low 7.6% turnover rate for regular full and part-time staff over the past four years. 


The Mibe conference proved to be an invaluable platform where Vibrant Occasions, alongside other industry leaders, gained profound insights into the significance of heart leadership and its pivotal role in shaping organizational culture. 


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