When you picture a catered corporate event, the kinds of food you envision are probably not the most appetizing. It makes sense in a way; company events are made with a firm budget in mind, and spending the least possible amount of money on food is, seemingly, a good way to save a couple of dollars and keep that money in company pockets.

Now try envisioning what a corporate event would look like if the food was amazing and the company made a real effort to make it into a pleasant and fun experience. Wouldn’t that make all the difference in the world?

Hiring a caterer isn’t always the top of the priority list for corporate event planners, but it can make a world of difference in the way your event is received – and remembered! Here are a few of our top reasons why hiring a corporate caterer is a great idea for your event.

1. Experience level

Seeking out a company with plenty of experience under their belts, who have catered hundreds of corporate events and can execute the process smoothly from start to finish, is invaluable. You want a company who will handle every aspect of the food and beverages so your event planner has one less thing to worry about.

An experienced catering staff can make all the difference in the world, because experience means an improved ability to deal with adversity. A mishap that would throw a wrench in the works for a restaurant or less experienced company becomes a complete non-issue to a company whose employees are trained to handle it.

2. Established Location & Routine

A corporate caterer who’s been in the business for a while has found the most efficient way of doing things to make the event as easy and pleasant as possible for everyone involved.

Not only that, but an established caterer also has a fully-stocked kitchen and a whole selection of decor items, flatware, and table linens to make sure your event looks as good as the food tastes.

3 .Flexibility & Food Safety

A corporate event is often intended to showcase the respect and value you have for your clients, whether potential or current, or your employees.

Part of showing respect includes taking into account the various food allergies, sensitivities, and preferences your guests have. Knowing this information ahead of time allows the catering staff to prepare an alternate meal separate from the other meals so your guest can enjoy a delicious, five-star-quality meal without getting sick or having to miss out on the food altogether.

4. Standing Out From the Crowd

Party-size subs, chips, dip, and two-liter bottles of soda make for an unmemorable experience, and it comes across as the bare minimum effort.

Make sure everyone keeps talking about your corporate event long after it’s over by providing unique dining options. If it’s an informal event, why not offer something fun like a taco bar or custom sundae bar? 

For a more formal event, you could try an action station with custom-carved meats or pasta dishes prepared right in front of your guests, keeping them full and entertained!

5. Value & Appreciation

When you put together a cohesive event with delicious food, your guests, clients, and employees will be able to see that they are valued. Hiring a catering company that also provides decor, flatware and table linens means they’ll enjoy a gorgeous visual experience. After all, we eat with our eyes, too.

Ultimately, a corporate caterer makes the difference between a memorable, fun event that people will remember for years to come, and a drab and forgettable one. It means leaving the food and beverages in the hands of an experienced staff of professionally trained chefs who are able to handle just about anything to keep your event running smoothly. 

Hiring a corporate caterer in Arkansas means you and your event planners will have one less thing to worry about, and can rest assured that the most-anticipated part of the event will live up to the hype. 

The point of a corporate event is to make you look good, and an established, experienced catering company like Vibrant Occasions will make that happen. Let’s get to planning– give us a call today!

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