The least scary part of your spooky spectacular should be the spread! Between decorating the house, finding or making the most ghoulishly glamorous costumes, and crafting the perfect guest list, you’ve got enough on your plate. Whether you’re planning a small get-together on your back deck or a neighborhood stop-by in the front yard, find a catering partner that takes the horror out of feeding your family and guests.

Creative Treats Without the Tricks

Is your Spooky Season Pinterest board full of cute cupcakes and extraordinary hors d’oeuvres but you’ve got no idea how to make them? Don’t spend hours learning how to make new dishes and fill your fridge with practice runs – trust the pros that do this every day. Our experts can help you make those dreams a reality – without the nightmarish first runs. 

Need ideas to make your Halloween plates look cute or theme your party from snacks to decorations? We can help there, too! A professional caterer has done it all – we can make creepy crawlies and zombie scenes leap to life on a cake or cookie, put a spooky touch on savory favorites, and create the perfect palette to delight your party guests. 

Don’t Spook Your Guests with Allergies or Restrictions

Maybe you’ve got the RSVP game down to a science and know exactly who’s showing up with what allergies and/or dietary restrictions. Maybe you’re a food expert who has designed the perfect menu to avoid any allergies or dietary restrictions. Don’t worry if you don’t or you’re not – we’ve got you covered! As professional caterers, we’ve handled: 

  • Food Allergies, From Minor to Major
  • Gluten and Dairy Intolerance
  • Religious Dietary Restrictions
  • Vegan and Vegetarian
  • Something for Everyone 

Without making each guest’s individual plate for them, it’s impossible to cover all of your bases. With a professional caterer, however, you can make sure that everyone has something to eat at your party. We prepare menus that encompass major allergies, dietary restrictions, intolerances, and other food choices and create labels to let your guests know what foods are perfect for them.

Skip the Kitchen Nightmares

The oven dings. Your second attempt at pumpkin shortbread is ready, but it needs to cool before you ice it. Pots, pans, baking sheets, and utensils are strewn about the kitchen, there’s somehow caramel on the ceiling, none of the cookie trays have been arranged, and your guests arrive in thirty minutes. Do you skip the cute couples costume you and your partner picked out months ago in favor of a time-saving look with eyeliner whiskers and cat ears?! 

Worry not, dear reader. This doesn’t have to be your reality – not any more! A professional caterer will drop off the perfectly-prepared dishes you picked out and even help you arrange them on plates and trays, prep the punch bowls, and layout plates and utensils. You don’t have to worry about: 

  • Special Kitchen Equipment: We’ve got everything you need to produce anything you can dream of – without the double ovens or the time-consuming work.
  • Serving Dishes and Warming Trays: You can put our delicious food on your own serving platters or use our professional catering equipment to make sure your Halloween spread looks its best and is enjoyed hot and fresh!
  • Plates or Utensils: Professional caterers can provide high-quality disposable plates and utensils or rent the plates and silverware you need to serve any size party.
  • Dreaded Dishwashing: Skip the pile of pots, pans, baking sheets, and other kitchenware so you can party into the night without worrying about dishes in the morning. Bonus: Skip the incessant counter-wiping that comes with preparing your Halloween feast!

Party with the Pros

When it comes to entertaining your guests – and delighting them with delicious food options – party with the pros by contacting us today! As the holiday season kicks off, you need a catering partner you can trust. Call for a catering consultation with our team at Vibrant Occasions!

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