Hey there, foodies and philanthropists! If you missed out on the glitz, glamour, and gourmet delights of the Wolfe Street Foundation’s Red Carpet Recovery Gala 2024, don’t worry because we’ve got the juicy details right here for you!

Hosted last month at The Venue at Westwind in Maumelle, the Red Carpet Recovery Gala was a night to remember. As the exclusive caterer for the event, Vibrant Occasions Catering served up a feast fit for royalty. From mouth-watering appetizers to decadent desserts, our culinary team pulled out all the stops to ensure guests experienced an unforgettable dining experience.

But the gala wasn’t just about fabulous food—it was also about giving back and supporting a noble cause. Proceeds from the event directly supported the vital mission of the Wolfe Street Foundation, an addiction recovery group based in Little Rock. With services ranging from support groups to recovery housing, the foundation is committed to helping individuals on their journey to recovery.


The evening was made even more memorable with the presence of keynote speaker, former Razorback and Dallas Cowboy, Darren McFadden. Guests had the opportunity to mingle with McFadden, snap photos, and even snag autographs from the legendary athlete.

Throughout the night, attendees indulged in premium mocktails, bid on exclusive items in live and silent auctions, and were inspired by stories of recovery shared by individuals whose lives have been touched by the Wolfe Street Foundation.


Chef Serge Krikorian of Vibrant Occasions summed it up best: “It was an honor to be part of such a meaningful event. Supporting the Wolfe Street Foundation’s mission and contributing to the community is what it’s all about.”

Although the gala has come to a close, the impact of the event lives on. It’s moments like these that remind us of the power of coming together to make a difference in the lives of others.


But wait, let’s not forget about the culinary masterpiece that graced the tables of the Red Carpet Recovery Gala! Let’s take a delicious stroll down memory lane and revisit the mouthwatering menu that stole the show.

The culinary extravaganza kicked off with an irresistible starter—Caribbean Citrus Chicken. Picture tender chicken breast draped in a vibrant mango salsa, perfectly capturing the essence of tropical indulgence.


Next up, the Wild Rice Pilaf stole the spotlight with its rich blend of flavors. Fresh sautéed mushrooms, celery, and parsley seasoned a wild rice medley, creating a savory symphony that delighted every palate.


But the real star of the evening? Roasted Broccolini. Lightly seasoned and roasted to perfection with extra virgin olive oil, this side dish was a true crowd-pleaser, adding a touch of elegance to every plate.

As guests took their seats, they were greeted with a crisp Garden Salad served with house vinaigrette, setting the stage for the culinary delights to come. And what’s a gala without freshly-baked Dinner Rolls, warm and inviting, ready to be savored with every bite?


But wait, there’s more! The evening’s sweet finale featured two delectable desserts that left taste buds tingling with delight. The Pineapple Upside Down Shooter, a moist cake topped with a creamy brown butter pineapple puree and whipped cream, was a true taste of paradise. And who could resist the indulgent allure of Westrock Coffee Mocha Crème Brûlée? Dark roast coffee infused cream meets creamy milk chocolate in a dessert that’s simply divine.

For our vegan and vegetarian friends, we had a culinary masterpiece in store. The Stuffed Acorn Squash featured P. Allen Smith’s Ralston Farms‘ Harvest Blend Rice, paired with fresh sautéed vegetables, chickpeas, spinach, peppers, and corn, all nestled inside a roasted acorn squash and drizzled with a vegan cucumber aioli. A dish so flavorful, even the most discerning palates couldn’t resist.

As we reflect on the evening’s menu, it’s clear that each dish was carefully crafted to delight and inspire. From the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean to the comforting warmth of home-baked rolls, every bite was a testament to the culinary expertise of Vibrant Occasions Catering.


As we eagerly await the next opportunity to indulge in culinary excellence, let’s raise a mocktail toast to the magic of the Red Carpet Recovery Gala 2024 and the unforgettable memories it created.


Bon appétit!

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