Nothing brings a crowd to a meeting or presentation like great food! Of course, nothing keeps people talking about an event like bland, horrible conference food (rubber chicken, anyone?) or a bad culinary experience. Flip the script and create positive buzz with professional, delicious event catering for your meetings and presentations! Throw out the boring and the bland with these tips from Vibrant Occasions.

Balancing Cost and Quality? It’s Not Impossible!

You’re running a business; cost is always a consideration! But you don’t want to leave your lunch presentation attendees hungry or feeling like you skimped on their meal. Partnering with a professional catering company to provide food and beverages for your meetings and presentations can save money and create efficiencies. It can also dramatically improve your guests’ experience over picking up food from a restaurant or having it delivered in bags. 

Instead of ordering from a menu, you’ll be working with an experienced event catering professional to design your own menu and experience. The right event catering partner can make a great meal and elevated culinary experience fit into your budget!

Cater to Your Crowd

When you’re considering what to serve, fit the meal to the crowd you’re entertaining. Will your guests be expecting boxed sandwiches and chips or a three-course meal? Are you hosting an informational session at a local community center or closing a deal at a corporate high rise? Here’s a tip: think about how you and your crowd will be dressed for the occasion. Cater your meal to the level of formality of your guests’ dress. 

Don’t forget to design your meal offerings around crowd size, too! Conference-style presentations and board room meetings have vastly different attendance numbers that affect more than just how much food you need to order. Consider how many people you’re feeding, how they’ll be served their meals, and where they’ll be eating. Make sure you prepare a meal that tastes great and runs smoothly!

Different crowds call for different catering options. A professional event catering company will be able to help you read the room before your guests ever arrive! Your catering partner should be able to anticipate your every need – and deliver or serve a five-star experience anywhere you need to meet or make a presentation. Don’t fumble your next deal with a subpar catering experience. Work with an event catering professional to plan every detail.

Customize Your Menu

When you work with an event catering company or professional, no detail is too small to miss! Your event catering partner will help you prepare for any dietary restrictions, intolerances, or preferences and design a meal that is inclusive and enjoyable for every guest! Whether you’re expecting a small or large crowd, you should consider polling for any special dietary needs. But even if you can’t gather all of your guests’ dietary information, a professional event catering company can help you prepare to serve everyone an enjoyable meal. 

Through intentional menu design, you and your catering partner can select options that consider most major dietary needs. Go beyond offering a meatless option for vegetarians; create a meal that brings flavor to every dish! At Vibrant Occasions, our award-winning chef-led team can prepare a menu that delights every guest.

Vibrant Occasions: Event Catering for Your Meetings and Presentations

At Vibrant Occasions, we are a professional event catering team ready to meet your every need. We can prepare self-serve meals ranging from creamy pasta to pale ale braised brisket. Kick your next meeting or presentation up a notch with bacon-wrapped or herb-crusted pork loin, Cajun chicken alfredo, or seared Mahi Mahi. Our menu offerings are inspired by Chef Sergey Krikorian and served up by our team of catering professionals.

We can prepare a self-serve meal or staff your catered event with servers and action stations that will blow your guests away! And we work with you from start to finish to craft a menu and deliver an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to get your next event cooking!

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