Learning how to dice a tomato properly may seem like a small detail, but it can greatly impact the taste, texture, and visual appeal of your culinary creations. In season 3, episode 4, chef Serge is showing us the proper way to dice a tomato.

Learning how to dice a tomato is important for a few reasons. 


  • Uniformity: Ensuring that the pieces are uniform in size and shape is beneficial for both presentation and cooking purposes. If you’re using diced tomatoes in a recipe, having consistent pieces will help them cook evenly and maintain their shape.
  • Even Cooking: Each piece should maintain a similar thickness allowing the tomato to cook evenly to ensure that all the pieces are cooked through at the same time. This can be particularly important if you’re using the diced tomatoes in a sauce or stew.
  • Texture: Irregularly-shaped or poorly-cut pieces can result in uneven textures in your dish. By dicing the tomato evenly, you’ll create a pleasing texture that adds to the overall eating experience.
  • Presentation: Properly diced tomatoes look neat and appealing, especially when used as a garnish or in salads. When all the pieces are of similar size and shape, it creates a visually appealing dish. This is particularly important when presentation matters, such as in professional culinary settings or when entertaining guests.



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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to dice a tomato:


  1. Place the tomato on a cutting board with the stem end facing up.
  2. Take a sharp knife and slice off about 1/4 inch off the top end (where the stem is).
  3. Make even slices of about 1/4 inch each, going from top to bottom. Try to make them as straight and even as possible.
  4. Now turn the slices on their side, stack them up, and cut them into thin strips. Depending on how large or small you want your dice to be, you can cut the strips into smaller pieces.
  5. Finally, using your knife, chop the strips into small, even pieces until you have the desired size of dice.

Remember to use a sharp knife to make clean, precise cuts, and be careful when handling the knife and the tomato. With practice, you can become an expert at dicing tomatoes quickly and easily just like Chef Serge!

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