This year, the Vibrant Occasions Catering team had the incredible opportunity to attend Wedding MBA in Las Vegas, the ultimate gathering for wedding industry professionals. From engaging workshops to networking opportunities and bonding with fellow vendors, Wedding MBA proved to be an invaluable experience for our team.

What is Wedding MBA, you ask? It’s an annual event that brings together wedding vendors from around the world for a jam-packed schedule of educational sessions, inspiring keynote speakers, and a vibrant expo featuring the latest trends and innovations in the wedding industry.


One of the highlights of Wedding MBA is the diverse range of activities on offer. Attendees can participate in workshops and seminars covering everything from marketing and branding to customer experience and business strategies. The event provides a wealth of knowledge and insights that are crucial for staying ahead in the competitive wedding industry.

But it’s not just about learning – Wedding MBA also offers plenty of opportunities for networking and building connections. Our team had the pleasure of bonding with other local Arkansas wedding vendors who were also in attendance, including Brittany Bloom Events and Design, Kaitie Gill Weddings, and Rusty Tractor Vineyards. Sharing experiences and ideas with fellow professionals was not only inspiring but also incredibly valuable for creating new connections and collaborations.


So, why is it a great idea for wedding vendors to attend such an event? Well, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, Wedding MBA provides a platform for continuous growth and learning. It’s a chance to stay updated on the latest industry trends, gain new perspectives, and expand your network of contacts. Plus, being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating unforgettable weddings only adds to the experience.

Here’s what Director of Community and Vendor Relations at Vibrant Occasions, Leah Seale, had to say about the experience:


“Wedding MBA was an enlightening and enriching experience for Vibrant Occasions Catering. We had the pleasure of connecting with fellow Arkansas vendors, forging new friendships with industry professionals from across the country, and gaining valuable insights from esteemed speakers. One message that resonated deeply with us is the importance of fostering a sense of community within the wedding industry – the idea that we can all achieve success without undermining one another. At Vibrant Occasions, we have placed significant emphasis on heart leadership and building a strong community within our organization, and we believe in extending this ethos to those around us.


Additionally, the event provided us with the opportunity to explore new and, at times, controversial technologies that can enhance our operations and make certain aspects of our work more efficient. The speakers, including Fausto Pifferrer of Blue Elephant, Margaret Brower of Rainmaker Sales & Marketing Group, Alan Berg, Renee Dalo of Moxie Bright Events, Bobbi Brinkman of Bobbi Brinkman Consulting, Megan Gillikin of The Planners Vault, and Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride, were engaging and inspiring, leaving us motivated and empowered.


We left Wedding MBA with strengthened connections, both with familiar faces and new acquaintances, and feeling encouraged about the possibilities that lie ahead in 2024. The experience has reaffirmed our commitment to providing exceptional service and creating unforgettable moments for our clients.”


Overall, attending Wedding MBA is a fantastic opportunity to gain knowledge, connect with others, and be inspired by the endless creativity within the wedding industry. For any wedding vendor looking to elevate their skills and business, this annual event is an absolute must.


We can’t wait to apply the valuable insights we gained at Wedding MBA to continue creating memorable experiences for our clients. And who knows, maybe we’ll even collaborate on some exciting projects with our Wedding MBA friends from Arkansas soon – stay tuned!

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